About SASIC District

San Antonio School for Inquiry and Creativity (SASIC) District is a free tuition arts-infused Public Charter School located at 4616 San Pedro San Antonio, TX 78212. San Antonio School for Inquiry and Creativity is one of two campuses of the Democratic Schools Research Institute (DSRI) - an educational and research based non-profit overseeing San Antonio School for Inquiry and Creativity School and Monticello Academy, a K-5 grade Montessori-infused school.
San Antonio School for Inquiry and Creativity's District mission focus on the importance of all art based and science endeavors to encourage a lifelong passion of learning, pursuing creative college and career paths; instilling in the individual a humble sense of giving back to the community is everyone's responsibility. Providing students this alternative to learn in the unique, innovative and exploratory way has empirically increased state mandated test scores, annual graduation rates, and retention percentages.

Mission Statement:

San Antonio School for Inquiry and Creativity's mission is to provide a quality educational experience which endows all students with skills, knowledge, critical thinking, creativity and values in a positive, safe and academically challenging art-infused learning and science environment, fostered by high expectations and a cooperative effort between students, school, parents and community.


The original concept underlying San Antonio School for Inquiry and Creativity's institutional learning environment is research-based and have core academic courses that can be taught creatively, blending the arts, science and technology with the state mandated courses and fostering an environment where educational understanding will matter to both students and teachers equally. The various components of our Conceptual Model of the Learning Environment is framed by the Universal Design of Learning and allows students to discover themselves and their own unique learning styles and academic strengths. Moreover, this model provides teachers a multitude of proven educational approaches and teaching methodologies. Most of all, this nurturing, imaginative and educational environment serves to cater to the individual student’s needs.

Children come to school to do things and learn in a community which gives them guided experiences related to the ‘real world.’